Monday, December 30, 2013

Grand Opening of Sylvan Bindery on Etsy

It has been several years of having a workspace all over available surfaces, and I thank my family for their long tolerance of my happy messes.  My dear husband and father have built me a beautiful workbench and inspiring work area I will document in another post, and I am so excited to announce that Sylvan Bindery has a storefront on Etsy!  Come in and check it out!  Sylvan Bindery on Etsy

This journal is a particular favorite of mine currently in the store: it is listed at a great price, in the spirit of offering introductory prices for your New Year's journaling resolutions. 

I bought this leather from a traveling book artisan at the 4 Bridges Art Festival in Chattanooga a few years back. (see her website here-- fantastic work!  It is thin, flexible, and pebble-grained leather that feels soft to hold.  It did well revealing the raised bands on the spine that were made to mimic the ancient practice of sewing onto cords.  The gold design on the spine is an original hand painted design, from gold leather paint.
About to be listed in my shop are a few of these tiny books.  I have been searching and searching for a way to organically incorporate gold into my books.  After a tip from another leather worker I met at a different 4 Bridges Arts Festival, I tried gold hot stamping foil.  And here is a secret: I did it with my own metal tools, heating each one individually over a candle flame. 
Which is meticulous work you must be passionate about!  I absolutely love this end paper. It is a Florentine print of various illuminated manuscripts, with ancient looking colors and gold design.
Keep checking back for more books in the shop!